The World and Animals

Fake News about the World and the Fake dirt on Animals.

Thanks to Donald Trump I do not have to be 100% accurate but I will shoot for a 99%.

Articles will be posted daily.

Water Bear Facts 07/20/17

Why are dogs so nice it may be because they share the same genes as humans who are diagnosed Willis Syndrome (usually described as the opposite of Autism.)  07/20/17

Tuna Fins not Tuna Fish  07/20/17

Honey I think I found a worm  06/24/2017

The Ocean is Whale Pee  6/24/2017

Maybe we should eat poo  6/24/2017

Donald Trump, the liar (duh) 06/19/2017

The World Deepest Killer 06/19/2017

Crocodiles and how scientists are studying their bite 06/18/2017

Animal Evolution 06/18/2017