Screenplays Still Not Done

Loyalty to the Cause A prince must chose between his kingdom and his family.

Guilt Roulette – Guilty Pleasure always lead to unwarranted risks

Wandering Thru Myths A man wants to leave a legacy behind in the year 800.

DepressionFinding happiness is a fruitless endeavor.

Ollie the OstrichOllie must help the people that hate him.

An Unmarried HusbandA woman tells the story of her dead husband.

Retired StarHating the life that made him a star, what does he do now.

The Cloud Leader Leading a revolution in a magical world or playing video games.

At First Sight A man falls for her at first sight however she does not believe in such love.

From Yours Truly No distances is too far with the power of writing.

A Legend in Apex 3 friends decide to become Pro Gamers.

Bad With MoneyAn accountant who owes a lot of money.

Deja Vu Is it a dream? A self fulfilling prophecy? Real life?

The Cheating Stalker Cheating on a stalker, great idea.

Tragedies of a Friend Friends are now murder suspects running away.

Wallabi & SofieA boring couple who wants to have fun.

Me No SpeakAn inspiring diplomat with no capacity for foreign language

Mans Best FriendA jealous man revenge.