This page is like a horoscope expect instead of reading signs, I will be using the world’s information around me while I let my future vision do the rest.

Now you might say why listen to me, well let me tell you my track record.

I have correctly predicted the Cardinals winning the 2011 World Series AND losing the 2013 World Series, it was a very sad day when that came true.

Here is many more.

  • Victor Cruz, he was just an un-drafted free agent and then he made this play in preseason football, and I just knew he would be star and from that day he went on to become a salsa dancing sensation ALL-PRO and super bowl champion.
  • Germany beating Argentina 2-1 in overtime from just watching how they beat Brazil.
  • Spurs being the dominant force they are in the primer league just by adding Erik  Lamela, it took him a year but he has become major striker on their team.
  • Clayton Kershaw winning a CY young award, he has 2 now. He was a rookie, I think and was pitching against the Cardinals he walked them base loaded and he threw this crazy curve ball and I just knew he would go on to be a great starter.

Now there is more but I chose these because these prediction have made me a pretty penny.

Anytime you see my predict sign just take a look for yourself and you decide.