Love me?

She makes my tired eyes strain to stay awake.

The nerves in my body goes against everything they know.

They make connections but my mind fails to understand what it means.

I watch your throat and how your vocal cords move up and down when you yell.

Eyes start to turn black as your pupil expands, red snakes start to appear.

Calm down, I say even though you say I’m relax.

But your body say otherwise.

The space surrounding us has disappeared, only the shadows are left greeting each other as if they just met.

Did you feel the same way?





Another Loss

Cardinals lost 7-15 to the Baltimore Orioles, sigh .

Positive Side

  • The Cardinals scored 7 runs. Offense has been picking up and I am really hoping that stays.
  • The past 7 days, Carpenter and Fowler are hitting .440 and its actually Fowler leading the duo with RBIS with 12 to Carpenter 6.
  • Carlos Martinez is throwing great, now comes the negative.

Negative Side

  • Rest of the Cardinals’ rotation cannot pitch, not even if the strike zone was the size of a whale. They need to bring in new arms because this season is starting to look like 2011, where we had no official closer AND it was blown save after blown save but we did win the world series that year so maybe this is good.

Bad in the beginning, but great in the end.

And you know doesn’t matter about how you start but how you finish.



Her Warmth

Warmth in numbers, finding solace in a bird that flies away once I give her food.

Needing a light but the embers won’t burn long enough.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere.

My flint finally sparks and lights up my kindle.

I can finally inhale and the warmth has finally reached me.

I sense myself being aware of the objects around me, trees are dancing with their leaves following each steps. I come back home, spending the rest of my life in my quarters.

Only to end up sleeping on a book, that I was reading the night before.

The warmth has left and the bird comes by but without food.

I doubt she will stay.

Jack and Daria

Suffocation of all the lights.

Great fresh air from the ceramic bricks, thoughts from my insecurities have me such a nervous wreck.

As I walk into my favorite room relaxation sets in but then the animals I share this room with comes in ruining my mood.

Only two hours left.

Thank God I do not live in this petting zoo, it is night time and the full moon shines but the only light I see comes from the portable screen.

If the world was not so sick and sad, I would be out enjoying it.

I could be meeting Jane & Daria even their dads.

All of this started because a guy saw a ladybug, who left without saying a word.

And that made me sad.


Paul Dejong should be playing.

Paul Dejong came up to the majors again to replace the injured Kolten Wong, who is actually having a good season.  He hit a homer and had 3 RBIS against the Orioles yesterday, a very good game and it starting to look like the Cardinal’s bats are waking up. Okay so now I am not saying he should replace Wong but I definitely feel like they need to put him somewhere in the field, they scored 11 runs with him in the lineup and of course Carpenter and Fowler  has something to do with it but he has been playing really well and from what I have seen, he can play defense on a major league level which is the Cardinals’ weak point. My prediction though Paul Dejong does get to play and he has strong season but I do not see him being starter maybe like a Daniel Descalso 2.o. with better hitting.

Sheer Darkness

Sheer darkness

Feel the wind move across your body.

and leave to another.

Feel how tiny pieces of glass can not hurt you and just imagine that we live in a world that 4.6 Billion years old.

And I probably won’t be able to get to see 100 years.

The clouds are creeping in.

Lights are shining giving the night sky a color.

The birds start to fly sensing the weather getting ready for a shower.

A little baby got stuck on the rocks, the tides are rushing in.

I hear no more still I feel the nature

Population of the Earth is around 8 Billion but right now where I am there is only 1 because everyone is sleeping.

Sheer Darkness all to myself.