Really aren’t short.

The fastest way to get somewhere is a straight line.

Sometimes getting somewhere, you need to go around because it is the only path.

It’s the only path not because people decided on it.

It’s the only path because through trial and error, that path will take you home.

Our oceans are “safe” because ships don’t take shortcuts. When they do, oil spills and titanics happen.

Making it home safe, is much better for society then coming home sooner.

Short-cut don’t ever workout anywhere expect when you’re walking and even that’s not a guarantee.


What Problems

I never had to deal with drastic changes.

I never went through any traumatic experiences

I haven’t gone through grueling obstacles.

My life has been free of reasons to complain about.

And here I am playing the violin for living the life as the sheep I used to chase.

The costume is tight, sweaty and worse of all it’s so itchy.

Terrible for my eczema.

It kills me how the others, can just be okay with living this life.

I was going to go on a rant and complain to my best friend.

Then I thought, you know what problems, do I really have.

I only have to do this for a little while longer.

Those guys are stuck like that.

Slug Romance

Love me like a slug.

Let’s play for hours.

Laughing and toying with each other.

Lost in each in other, forget about what day it is.

Of course, we’ll take our time, we’re in no rush.

Oh how you make me feel so tingling inside.

On this day, I will show you what true affection for another means.

Venture out of your state of mind.

Visit this new out of body experience, I have prepared for you.

Everyone else can die alone in the apocalypse, while me and you embrace for a lifetime of love.


Clones of me, so each one can focus on one of my passions in life.

There’s plenty of time for myself to follow them however having clones would make the process much swifter.

Not only that, each clone can have their own sets of friends and lovers.

I love my friends and lover, I wouldn’t change anything about them nor do I want anymore than I already do.

Yet I still desire to have more and know more and to be with more.

Desire has brought me suffering in life because I’m torn between being who I am or being who I am.

My solution to this problem, is to allow people to come and go into my life, that way I can choose to keep the ones I like.

People aren’t toys. So I can’t make them stay even if I do decide to keep them.

Though where I live, people are dolls. Some I cherish, some I throw away and some I value so highly that’ll I will never take them out of the box.

And when there is a doll I desire, it brings me great torture inside that I can’t rescue them from the others.

It kills me that they don’t know who I am because I know I would change their lives if they did.

My only permanent solution to this problem is to get everyone in this world to know who I am.

That’s my only desire.