Bear Witness

Hello, It took being completely reckless for the final time to come up with the courage to tell you the … More

Movie Idea

School shooting without the deaths Adminstratiors and principles decide to run a experiment. To a gunmen to come to their … More


Fusion that’s no illusion. Scientist still figuring out how to replicate nuclear fusion. People out here practicing exclusion. Stumbling boozing. … More

Sea otters

Video of my long lost cousins taken by the most wonderful human being on the planet, who happens to be … More

Advice for the world

Don’t hear it APPLY IT UNDERSTAND IT USE IT listen, don’t talk Communicate, with the human potential such a gift … More

A gift to future me

This is just a personal organizer that I made for myself. Wish I hope the future me will remember to … More


I cut flowers from lawns today, is that a crime?

The Fight

  Two skinks, both sunbathing in the hopes of finally getting a tan. A snake is around the area sensing … More