Penny Penguin

A penguin starts talking to a polar bear. “Hey Wallace.” The polar bear replied, “what happened Penny?” “Why can’t I … More

What can I say?

I can’t say anything. You caught me red handed. The man standing there with a wooden chest ready to die; … More

Cringy Chimpmunk

Three birds stand on a telephone wire, chirping among themselves. A chipmunk comes climbing up the pole and greets the … More

Mr. Eel

What sound do eels makes? “Look at this eel”, pointing at the bottom of the river. “I can’t see anything … More

Soyffy’s Press Conference

Global Superstar Soyffy has scheduled a press conference for today in regards on his future. [Coughs] “Excuse me everyone. Can … More

A Regular Man

He does not wash his hands after he pees. A regular man walks outside and see the females around him. … More

Fragile Branches

“Olive trees for sale”, reads a sign hanging in front of a shop. A man walks into the shop. “How … More

A Meaningless End

Hello Andrew, “Nice to see you again. Today we’re going to talk about.” Andrew cuts him off. “Can we talk … More

Bear Witness

Hello, It took being completely reckless for the final time to come up with the courage to tell you the … More

Responsibility Woah

Hello, I found out that after all this time. I have been lying to myself saying that responsibilities aren’t real. … More

Words & No Pictures

Read all about. What do you got there? It’s an old artifact called a newspaper. Woowwwww and what do I … More

Pondering Death

The first step to being a depressed child is having a sense of the world outside of you. Next, is … More

Space Youths

The problem with my youth is. I was always told “shoot for the stars”, little did they help with how … More

Snowy Organisms

Heather is a snowy organism. Softer than soft, smoother than smooth and smelling like nothing; a faint nothing. She screams … More

Dance Dance Flamingo

Dance? But I don’t wanna. Well if you don’t dance, you’ll never find a mate. So why do I need … More

Gator Meat

Instead of a piece of cake I like to say gator meat because it is not what you expect and … More

Pointy Toes

A conversation. Yeah I hate her, she thinks shes all that with her long straight hair with her smooth, hydrated … More

Made up Truth

A man of many words has to screen each one that passes through his lips like the T.S.A checks brown … More

Behind The Curtains

I look out and see the audience. “Big crowd” I say sarcastically. Seems as if no one saw my flyers. … More

The HotBox Trap

All you need is a car and a willing unsuspecting victim. Oh! I almost forgot! You need weed lots and … More

The New Flower

My mother is naturally a giver of life. Not because I came out of her; but because every plant she … More

To the future

My life is falling apart. I have no direction where I’m going. I consume so much of my own time … More

Past the Pacific

It has been a week since I been out in sea. The waves have been the only constant on this … More

Star of the Show

That no one watches. I stay up all night, planning what to do for my next act. The only thought … More

A vegetarian tiger.

World falling apart. Everyone is either defending or attacking something. The people who can actually help don’t really want to … More

Salamanders not lizards

A few months ago, a salamander known as the “golden wonder” had been rediscovered. After 42 years, the salamander that … More