Shut The Fuck Up

Oh my god. You did it again!!!! You fucking talked too much… Like when will you learn?! You were doing … More

Trip to Alaska

I was born in Oakland, California to some crack addicted parents. My mom sent me away to live with one … More

Smile and Be Free

The society we are heading towards, is one with cameras everywhere. People will be free to walk outside without worrying … More

Sergy’s Secret

The sky is dark grey with the clouds covering the ground. Sergy is walking through the snowy streets of his … More

Hear Me Out

Getting high and going out partying before a test is not the best way to get a good grade. Spending … More

From Now On

I will not look for the perfect person. I found them already. And they’re not from here.

Your Kids

You will only be remembered by the people who appreciate you. You won’t last forever. What will your legacy be? … More

The Turtle to Tortilla

“La tortuga se vino pero no se puedo comer la tortilla porque no hay mas tortillas.” This quote in spanish … More


A place where you can find peace and serenity. Normally, a place where it is quiet and just yourself. A … More