A Regular Man

He does not wash his hands after he pees. A regular man walks outside and see the females around him. … More

Fragile Branches

“Olive trees for sale”, reads a sign hanging in front of a shop. A man walks into the shop. “How … More

A Meaningless End

Hello Andrew, “Nice to see you again. Today we’re going to talk about.” Andrew cuts him off. “Can we talk … More

Boomerang Astra

I threw you away. You came back. You threw me away. I came back. You don’t want me back.

Pop Up to Say Hey

Is it true? Is it real? Is it obsessive? Is it artificial? Was is it the sex? Was it the … More

Aliens or Schizophrenia

Hello, (this is a long story) I will describe my experience the past eighteen days. I cannot see far with … More

A Cozy Home

Hello, For the first time in almost 15 years, I am actually happy to be at home. This move is … More