Cigarettes Smell

The man comes back from a hard day at work. He unlocks his car and opens his glove department. He … More

They Took Your Money

So you say they took your money. Were you robbed? No. Then how did they take your money? Well, they … More


You’re going to do something that can’t be changed. You’re going to say something that you can’t take back. Stop … More

Nothing is Real?

I wish there was a sign that lit up when someone tells you the truth. Everyone is a liar in … More

Of Course

Hello,Of course, I remember what tomorrow is. I will try to make it.Your Brother, This was written by a wealthy … More

So You Met Someone New

You say to yourself. Wow this person is cool. It’s been a while since your last relationship. You realize that … More

I am going to leave?

What would be left behind? A bunch of unfinished stories that I wanted to see make it onto Netflix. Papers … More

Girlfriend for the Night

One day, you’re innocent with no thoughts that come from a perverted mind. Next day, you are getting your balls … More

What a Dope Fiend do?

A dope fiend does lots of drugs. sells priceless possessions for 20 dollars. dances in the middle of traffic. doesn’t … More