Nuisance Of a Brother Bully

He is angry. He is selfish. He is always yelling. He takes everything for himself. The worse part of it … More


The fantastication of drowning appeals more to me, with every passing day. The sea has no reflection, and if it … More

Belly Aching

That uneasy feeling, you get in your stomach out of nowhere; comes from the betrayal of your beloved. You are … More

The Toad Told

The toad told a story, about the time he paid a toll. I told the toad, that I didn’t want … More

Lost Everything

He went into the fire. He was a tall and beautiful man. A true Greek god. Men were envious of … More

The Last Cigarette

I might… I have to be careful with what I say. You never know when someone can barge into your … More

Detailed Gibberish

Lying to your face has never been easy. You catch me every time except this time. Has it ever occurred … More

Any How

The car was right there, how could I not take it. She prayed for me and I wanted to let … More

Get On the Plane

I embrassed myself. Give me a minute. I have to answer the phone. I realized, I didn’t tell her truth. … More


I need to figure this out. I can’t keep masturbating everyday. I need to do stuff. What can I even … More

Archaic Fossil

Love. Been there done that. Suffering. Over it. Happiness. Fleeting. Depression. Who does not suffer? Loneliness. Make a friend already. … More

Those Words

Stop telling me that you are proud of me. I haven’t done anything yet. You are making me feel better … More

Comfortably Suffering

House arrest for the rest of your life. “It wont be that bad.” That was the first day of house … More

A Third Chance?

I was calmly driving down the street, listening to some song as I stop at a red light. Then panic … More

Blondie in Belarus

Currently. She’s looking out of her window, watching the rain come down from the clouds. She enjoys the light breeze … More


The flies are around. They can sense, what is going to happen next. They know that the moment of me … More

The Autonomous Region

Fight. Beat him up. Leave him bloodied and on the floor wishing he was dead. Don’t let him rest. Keep … More

Sweetish Girl

I can’t understand. No matter, how much I want to. I can’t. I wish I could change myself. Why did … More

Stare into the Sun

I keep lying. I lie to myself. Hitler said, “if you keep lying eventually it will be your truth.” I … More


Winter time has come. The fox has sprung into action. He is ready to hunt his first meal for the … More

Scales for Horns

I’ll trade this crocodile skin for that cow leather. Hmm, you got a deal. Congrats son, I’m so proud of … More


I do not condone violence in any type of way. I do not support violence. I do not wish to … More

Death by Dimes

“You, Richard Millie have been sentenced to death by dimes.” “What is that?” “Psst. It’s when they put a thousand … More


“She don’t love me bro.” “But she would.” “What do you mean would? What should I do?” “Oh! I can’t … More

Wash These Sandy Socks

I wear my socks to the beach. They always end up getting filled with sand. Unbelievable and now a seagull … More

Tremors of Katsina

You want to hear a word that isn’t said often. “Gonorrhea” Imagine. This is the tremors of Katsina. A shock … More