I’m Running

To chase Marie. To chase Rosalind. Doing it all for me. I’m sorry to all the others I still I … More

Leech for Energy

I drain you of all your fight. I give back the wonderful feelings of life. Unless I’m in no mood. … More


Traits describe the character. Characteristics gives him the life of being. Life as an individual, comes and goes as fast … More

Tying Knots

I couldn’t tie my shoes till I was in high school and now I’m this age, struggling on how to … More

Walking For 5 Months

Here’s hoping my feet will not be to sore when I start to work. Here’s hoping that the weather will … More

Records Matter More

I’m first. It doesn’t matter, we’re not competing. Such a loser response. I’m not a loser, I just don’t see … More


That name sounds scratchy. I’m a moth attracted to the light when it comes to things this soft. My baby … More


Fill it with water. Fill it with juice. Fill it with milk even put in cereal. Fill it with chocolate … More

Fire Flakes

Dali Lama doesn’t eat spicy food. Only humans are dumb enough to eat a food that burns their inside. I … More


Pennies on the ground. Pennies found upside down. Pennies in the couch. Pennies face down. Pennies falling from the sky. … More

Gross Goals

Places I shitted: On top of a car. On top of a toilet. On a doorstep. Inside a shoe. Inside … More

What you order

Can I get a 12 piece glazed tenders with 2 mchickens. Anything else? Do you want anything? Yeah get me … More

Weird Cave

I stared at the sun. Eyes couldn’t see anything expect a blob of purple, blue, green and yellow. Anything I … More

P.P Squad

Pigeons walking thru New York. Almost like they want to be us. Pigeons waiting for the light to turn red. … More

All that for what

Took you five months to grow this peanut. It tasted fucking horrible. All that planting. All that water. All that … More

Counting Sleep

I wanted to get my sleep schedule back to normal. So I stood awake for a whole day and a … More

Moderation of Life

Balloons fill up with air. I fill up with chocolate and water. I can’t pop. Moderation is warranted when you … More

Falling Leaf

Love poems that never get to their desired location. Tragic. Lives could have been changed. But what can words do, … More

Only 140 calories

In the ocean. Outside in a recycling bin. Made in a factory. 5 cents: 20 makes one dollar. Carbon dioxide … More

Sunglasses in Seattle

Colorado has snow and mountains. New Zealand has a diversity of animals and climate found no where else. Australia is … More

Red Qubits

I love many people at once. I found the one, I want to be with for the rest of my … More

Night time with her

I can’t believe life. I really can’t. Shit just kills me. I can’t spend time with her. I can’t see … More

Spider Trials

Nano-nano-nano-nano butt. You’ll never find me but you can try your luck. I’m a spider not a duck. “Quack quack” … More

Man I’m Happy

Aren’t you loving my energy! Can’t you just sense it off the sentence! CHOOPDELECTU So exicted I can’t even talk … More

Is God Real

What a pointless question. I’m tired of being here. I want to travel. What a waste of breath. Let’s love … More

Apple in the trash

Wasteful youth, a life of a never ending supply with limited parnet’s money. Signs of these wasteful youths isn’t hard … More

Authentic Chicken

I want real chicken. Why would I ever order fake chicken? McDonald’s

Winter is Coming

I can’t see. I can cry. I’m tired of all the lies. I want to come clean and tell everyone … More


Move out of the fucking street, you bum! Hurry the fuck up, I don’t care gooooooo! Why the fuck did … More

Valentines Demise

“True love is immortal and useless” – Fernando Pessoa My issue isn’t that he said this. My issue is how … More