Baby Blue

The blanket is. The pen is. The sky is. The clothes I wear is. My room is. The carpet. The … More


Bad if you hold it in. Bad if you let it out. Your body does it. Everybody does it. Most … More

Slug Romance

Love me like a slug. Let’s play for hours. Laughing and toying with each other. Lost in each in other, … More

Fossils Gone Forever

Imagine all of the things we’re missing out in the world because it has been totally destroyed. Like a scribbled … More

SKY on Mars

Orange. Blue on Earth. Skies anywhere and everywhere. And life decides to stay here.

The Day

Hard work and I’m no good at it. Each day seems to get harder. Isn’t supposed to be the opposite. … More

The Slow Secret

The slower you move, the longer you live. Turtles live long and birds live short. The sloths know this secret. … More

Disappearing Act

They call me. They’re looking for me. Are they wondering why I decided to leave. Or are they thinking should … More