Cardinals have me excited

With Paul Goldschmidt now on the team, I’ll admit I wasn’t totally on board but after Friday’s game performance. I’ll let him be my captain on the Titanic any day. I saw the game and he is on.

Kolten Wong, oh man let me tell you, this guy is healthy and he looks like a guy who wants to win a silver slugger award. I definitely can see this guy being one of our most consistent hitter this season.

Dexter Fowler is walking and that is great news and the Cardinals been making a lot of fuss about his contact speed is up again so there’s that…

Marcell Ozuna still cannot throw which is bad, a lot of runners are going to start tagging up on him. His legs looking better than ever and I can see at least 10 stolen bases this season. I WANT HIM BATTING THIRD but looks like my prayers will still be unanswered. Overall his performance might determine our season because if he’s not hitting I don’t who going to make up the .280 batting avg.,  25 homers and 100 RBIS.

Paul Dejong, he still needs to learn how to dive-at least he’s working on it though- he shouldn’t be our number 3 hitter, don’t get me wrong; he is a solid hitter all around but nothing that will offer protection for Paul Goldschmidt. Brewers realized that and intentionally walked him in his last at bat.

Our bullpen surprisingly looks strong however the rotation ehhhhh.

Of course this is all after 3 games, a miniscule sample size I know but the Cardinals DEFFINTELY got me excited this year than the past two combined.

Overall my predictions.

  • Miles Mikolas has a good not great season.
  • Kolten Wong hits 15 homers and drives in 70 RBIS becomes an all star this season.
  • Yadier Molina wins a silver slugger award.
  • Paul Goldschmidt wins an MVP and hits at least 40 big-ones.
  • Paul Dejong has a down year this season.
  • Dexter Fowler bounces back but nothing spectacular.
  • The bullpen doesn’t blow more than 20 games this season.


  1. Michael Wacha wins the CY-YOUNG.
  2. Adam Wainwright wins 15 games.






non-existence mango

You need mass and energy to exist. That’s e=mc^2.

Scientists say dark matter has a negative mass but how could that exist?

Scientists also say that there has to be unified theory of everything in this world but how?

They say math has no limit on what it can describe but how is math, a human creation be able to describe all of the world. Are humans really the gods of this world?

Love math but I just hated how there is no reason behind it: it just is. The numbers are those numbers and you can’t change anything about it. Equations and formulas make perfect sense but I just don’t get why, it is that way.

The measurement problem bothers me so much that I need to think about it at least 5 minutes in a day or else I won’t be able to sleep through the night.

Consciousness created reality makes the best sense because personally when I need to cut a piece of string, I don’t use a ruler. I cut whatever I feel is appropriate. That piece of string would vary in length with everybody. Since they all would have a different sense of what size is appropriate. This isn’t a very conscious decision: what is, grabbing a ruler and deciding how much you need. Animals have the wherewithal to use the right stick for the job but it’s not really conscious as much as I hate to admit that. They just pick the best one for the job with trial and error. Like we would have if the string was too short or too long.

To grab a mango, it needs to weight something or else it wouldn’t exist.

If a mango needed to be divided evenly we would cut it to equally looking size pieces but some may weight more than others. Doesn’t matter, but it would matter if we’re being strict about being equal. Sharing equally is just beneficial for all but eating first will help you pick the best of the lot.

Humans aren’t gods but their consciousness are. Consciousness creates our reality, we believe in gods because we can’t believe that we can actually do things that no other life form on earth can.

Animals really aren’t special, their just trying to survive and make babies. If they have friends or live in a group they have some type of consciousness and that’s from years of evolution. But who knows how long it would take for them to have human type of consciousness.

Of course I could always be wrong and come up with something else that sounds better. With science and math we can find everything. But we’re always going to be stuck if we don’t use our crazy imagination to find something new.

On the toilet

No toilet paper; doesn’t matter because I don’t even use it.

I just sit on the toilet for about 30 minutes and wait for everything to come out.

All I have to say is you won’t find no underwear of mine with shit stains.

I talk about my toilet adventures because I have the luxury of even having a toilet and I wanted to bring light of the 1 BILLION people who don’t and are suffering because of it.

Please do your own research and help when you can.

Please always be grateful for your colon and all of your fecal luxuries.

Enchanted Cynics

I would love it for one of my friends to die. I know I would accomplish everything I wanted to do if they did.

Not that I should want extra motivation to accomplish my goals. It’s just the thought of having a friend ghost by my side at all times seems pretty awesome to me.

I also wouldn’t mind other countries dropping bombs on mine maybe then I will be more grateful.

An eye for eye philosophy doesn’t seem sound but damn it is effective isn’t it. Most who commit crime don’t care. So why the surprise reaction when they say ” I have no remorse. As a person who was spared because of gun laws. I can safely say that the only thing stopping people from doing anything is there access to it. If I wanted a gun Ph.D, the only way I will be able to receive it is the years of schooling that it will require. Only those who really want it, can get it.

Everyone knows this but the enchanted cynics would rather have money in their pockets than see everyone else with it.

A brain off dopamine

You won’t see the results of your effect on people.

You won’t see the results of your work.

You won’t see how your favorite sports team will do.

You won’t see the new inventions in the world.

You won’t be here to see the world die.

Fuck all of you. I hope your kids die.

I feel as if my writing comes off as rude, angry, naive and out of spite. I can assure it is not but I won’t deny the frustration that I have with everyone in this world with me included. To the people, who read this I apologize for my reckless words. I want you to know that I will die sad and alone and you probably won’t, so be happy for what you have and never be ungrateful. I can only wish to live a life without so much sadness in my brain.

The honest cycle

If honesty is the truth, which are the facts, then; Honesty is a fact that’s being forgotten in this world and being dismissed as an opinion.

I feel my facts are the way to go because my facts are not solely from me but from the world I met. Arguing who’s right is pointless when no one shares the same facts.

This world is pessimistic by nature and rightly so however that is no fault of the people in this world. These are the Earth’s secrets and we are finding out that these facts regardless mine or yours. Is all for nothing expect for us.

People see this as a point to do nothing and they couldn’t be more wrong. No offense to my grandkids but I would hate it if they outlived me. We need to live longer and reproduce less to the point where it’s only us. Till then, we are going to repeat the same cycles for millenniums.

Honesty is a virtue that usually comes in cycles but in our virtual reality; the millennium is repeated weekly and it doesn’t seem like it will be broken. Unless we’re all alive to see it.