Let’s Jeopardize Peace?

Peace is what? What kind of peace is at risk? Who is jeopardizing peace? What is wrong with peace? Why … More

Me Da Medió

Pues tengo mucho miedo, porque mira esto se-va hacer la primera vez que escribo en español y no sé como … More

A Mute Topic

I want drugs so fucking bad. I want to drink so fucking bad. I want to break someone’s car window … More


God bless the technology advancement of contacts. Like two pieces of plastic (silicone) that lets you see with perfect vision. … More

Bear Witness

Hello, It took being completely reckless for the final time to come up with the courage to tell you the … More

Responsibility Woah

Hello, I found out that after all this time. I have been lying to myself saying that responsibilities aren’t real. … More

Cardinals have me excited

With Paul Goldschmidt now on the team, I’ll admit I wasn’t totally on board but after Friday’s game performance. I’ll … More

Black Drain

Black holes are a drain that leads to another universe. The universe is a faucet that is always on. The … More

non-existence mango

You need mass and energy to exist. That’s e=mc^2. Scientists say dark matter has a negative mass but how could … More

On the toilet

No toilet paper; doesn’t matter because I don’t even use it. I just sit on the toilet for about 30 … More

Enchanted Cynics

I would love it for one of my friends to die. I know I would accomplish everything I wanted to … More

A brain off dopamine

You won’t see the results of your effect on people. You won’t see the results of your work. You won’t … More

The honest cycle

If honesty is the truth, which are the facts, then; Honesty is a fact that’s being forgotten in this world … More

Pondering Death

The first step to being a depressed child is having a sense of the world outside of you. Next, is … More

Abstract Art

What’s the difference between a monkey’s favorite stick and a human’s favorite pencil? I could explain the answer but the real … More

Cardinals UGHHHHHH

I just do not understand it. We had the stretch of great baseball then we just shot ourselves at the … More

Whale Black Hole

Whale are mammals and breathe air. Whales used to live on land just like us. They decided that they preferred … More

The HotBox Trap

All you need is a car and a willing unsuspecting victim. Oh! I almost forgot! You need weed lots and … More

Movie Idea

School shooting without the deaths Adminstratiors and principles decide to run a experiment. To a gunmen to come to their … More

Quantum Something

Quantum Physics says there is more dimension than the one’s we see. Quantum Physics also says that we are still … More


I cut flowers from lawns today, is that a crime?