Live from Corona Beach

WE’RE BACK!!!!! How long has it been guys? Have you missed me? “No”. “Sad face emoji” I have arrived and … More

Water Tower

I climbed a water tower today. Our water tower is in the middle of the woods between my high school … More

Octopus on the Bed

In the morning, at night, before work, after. Octopus cannot stay, he has to leave. We have to kick him … More


No worries comes from no ego. Unconditional love comes from what I thought was trust. I trusted that the choices … More

Only Today

Tell me you care and would never let anyone get between us. I will respond by saying the same and … More

Old, I Will Not

My hair is never going to fall off. Bald, I will never be. I’m going to have a head full … More

New Zealand

Ticket is bought, luggage is packed and bridges are buried. With no connections to the life before I can finally … More

Dam of Chances

Dam is all patched up now. No more chances will ever spill over anymore. Now we can save the rest … More

Mind of Gold

Positive thoughts radiates positive energy which leads to a positive day. You can look around and always find something that … More