The flies are around. They can sense, what is going to happen next. They know that the moment of me … More

The Autonomous Region

Fight. Beat him up. Leave him bloodied and on the floor wishing he was dead. Don’t let him rest. Keep … More

Sweetish Girl

I can’t understand. No matter, how much I want to. I can’t. I wish I could change myself. Why did … More

Stare into the Sun

I keep lying. I lie to myself. Hitler said, “if you keep lying eventually it will be your truth.” I … More


Winter time has come. The fox has sprung into action. He is ready to hunt his first meal for the … More

Scales for Horns

I’ll trade this crocodile skin for that cow leather. Hmm, you got a deal. Congrats son, I’m so proud of … More

You’re Bothering Me

A leaf on the road is not bothering anyone. I stepped on the leaf and he/she didn’t say ow. The … More

Last Time

Last time, I will ever open up my heart. Last time, I will ever tell the truth. Last time, I … More


I do not condone violence in any type of way. I do not support violence. I do not wish to … More

Shame On Me

“This handsomeness is so disgusting.” “I cannot stand it when these people talk how about the world is so nice.” … More

Death by Dimes

“You, Richard Millie have been sentenced to death by dimes.” “What is that?” “Psst. It’s when they put a thousand … More


“She don’t love me bro.” “But she would.” “What do you mean would? What should I do?” “Oh! I can’t … More

Meet Me

Meet me when I have money when I’m able to afford flowers that doesn’t come with bees and bugs. I … More

What can I say?

I can’t say anything. You caught me red handed. The man standing there with a wooden chest ready to die; … More

Wash These Sandy Socks

I wear my socks to the beach. They always end up getting filled with sand. Unbelievable and now a seagull … More


An alarm clock goes off at 3 in the morning. No one wakes up. It is now 4:21 in the … More

Tremors of Katsina

You want to hear a word that isn’t said often. “Gonorrhea” Imagine. This is the tremors of Katsina. A shock … More

Like Always

Summer is near. A birthday in June is here. Like always, I never been more miserable. Another year has gone. … More

Edge of Solitude

Wrecking havoc in your mind causing delirium. You are on the edge of solitude heading towards… Isolation. Notice, how your … More

Half of a Grape

Go with the flow so they say. When I do I feel like bad things happen. Nothing ever turns out … More


It’s a sprint to KFC and I only run when I feel like it. The chicken will have to wait … More

Fluffy Sheep Relief

I was out on the farm today after a couple of weeks; being shut in because of the dog flu … More

Pointless Terms

It is that time of the year where nothing seems to feel real. Nothing is worth the effort it requires. … More

Blame Mendacity

Another lie told another fact hidden another love crushed another person fooled you’re lying to everyone let’s tell them the … More

A Wicked Glorification

Graphic. Burn the house. Burn the papers. Burn the pictures. Burn the powder. Destroy this place and get rid of … More

Galvanized Lips

Let me kiss you through the screen, the pixels can’t push me away. I’m kissing a picture of you. You … More

A Pyrrhic Reward

I have been on the road for years. I have crawled through the driest of deserts, where my sweat and … More