About this blog

I have many interests and hobbies. I even eat fish with bones now. I truly now, have an open mind. People really can change.


My name is Andrew – I am an awakened person, I have freed my ego, and now I am finally in the world.

I want to share all my discoveries here. I have written on here before for the sake of others, now I write for me. I wish for fate to bring you here, so we may have a conversation in the unconventional manner. I will be here to discuss society as a whole. From the art of television to the fact that Tik Tok is truly changing the world.

This has to be said – Reality is consciousness created. Animals have none, they are solely aware. Reality is questioned by humans because they cannot believe that they themselves are truly special. They cannot believe that they truly have a greater purpose. Animals are us but we, are no longer animals. We, alone can create and achieve great things; if we truly follow our hearts’ desires and trust in our brain’s decisions. Superposition exists in our thoughts. Believe.