Charles Wouldn’t Know

Hey Charles, do you know, if I will get the job today?

Hey Charles, will I get lucky today?

Hey Charles, will something bad happen to me?

Hey Charles, do I deserve this?

Hey Charles, can you give me advice on what I should do?

Hey Charles, is there anyway, you can tell me the right answer?

Hey Charles, should I make this decision?

Hey Charles, is it over for me?

Hey Charles, why do I always do the wrong thing?

Hey Charles, is it too late for me?

Hey Charles, how do I make myself happy?

Hey Charles, why won’t you talk to me?

Hey Charles, can you please reply to me?

Hey Charles, how do I get rid of this dead body?

Hey Charles, why did you stop talking to me?

Yes, this is Charles and I don’t know.

I have no answers for you.

Please, stop calling me.

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