Shame On Me

“This handsomeness is so disgusting.”

“I cannot stand it when these people talk how about the world is so nice.”

“They’re only nice to you because you are what they consider attractive. I promise if you were ugly that people would treat you as a second class citizen.”

“Pretty people privilege, how does it feel?”

“Well, as debonair gentleman, I can confidently say that it is real.”

“Get out. This club is not open to the likes of you. You disgust us with your neatly trimmed nails, symmetrical face and fine eyebrows. You need to leave right now.”

“Why should that matter? So what people find me attractive? I don’t even think that I am.”

“And you’re humble!? What a disgusting combo.”

“No, I’m ugly like all of you guys. You guys may find me handsome but that doesn’t mean the females do.

“Get out of here. I won’t say it again.”

“I swear people are so dumb.”

What should matter is how you are as a person not if you are tall, skinny or have a pretty face or have nice hair or nice eyes, none of it should matter. Why are we all so superficial? Why can’t all of us fall in love with the heart of a person? Why can’t we treat everyone the same no matter how they look?

Well I guess I am lying because…

First impression is everything. An ugly person never stands a chance no matter what they do. It really is disgusting to say but I would never want to be with an ugly person. I can only imagine that other people would say the same. I would never be with someone who doesn’t meet my standard. Even me as an ugly person, I still have the gall to criticize other people’s looks.

Shame on me; for thinking that I can have an opinion on someone’s appearance.

Who would love me? When I am short and obese with a shitty personality, no one that’s who.

Shame on me; for not loving who I am.

The debonair gentleman, at least knows that if someone does not like them, it because of their personality. They have all the options in the world. All the females to flock to him. I hate to see it because I wish I was the debonair gentleman.

Shame on me; for being jealous of a person who lives a regular life just like me.

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