Staples to my Stapler

As I sit and write you this email, when I should be sleeping next to you with your head on my chest while we lay peacefullly on our way to nap time.

I see a stapler in front of me and it reminds me of how a stapler is only as good as its staples.

A stapler without staples it’s just a desk weight.

Baby you are my staples, I’m only good as you and if the stapler’s staples bad.

People will get a new stapler and use the same staples.

And I won’t ever let it be where your staples isn’t in my stapler.

Staplers are going to last forever and if a staple is jammed, then just gently remove the jammed one, and the rest of the staples will come out just smoothly.

But if I’m damaged, I’ll end up damaging the staples, I held dear to my heart.

Staples to my stapler were like the greatest invention in history.

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