The Importer

You can import anything into my heart.

Let it be sugar or oil, I will make sure none of it boils.

I’ll make sure your products are always safe, secure and always on your doorstep.

From the moment you clicked buy, I was already on my way to you.

Plants grow on soil, but if the soil is too acidic, a flower will not grow.

Only a flower like you has been able to blossom with fluorescent leaves in the soil that nothing grows.

I cannot imagine seeing you move away.

You been picked by a florist the other day. Put into a bouquet and got on a ship.

By the end of the trip.

I already inspected it for any material that may cause you harm.

All clear.

The importer picks up his flower, heads to his wife and gives her a big ol’ kiss.

With her eyes popping out of her face she said, ” these are my favorite, what did I do to deserve this?”


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