A Fight

Two skinks are both sunbathing enjoying their peaceful afternoon.

A snake is around the area looking for his next lunch. Bopping his head up and down, the snake senses two skinks. 

The male skink takes notice of an intruder nearby and signals to the female to go back into their burrow and protect the eggs.

Slithering through, the snake sticks his tongue out and knows that the skinks are close.

They face off. 

The male tries hissing to scare him off. He makes it clear that he will not be an easy meal for the snake.  They have a stand off that last for no more than a minute. 

The male skink has successfully stood up the villain. The snake leaves with an empty stomach.

Or so the male skink thinks. The snake has smelt the female and heads straight to their burrow. The snake finds the female protecting the unborn babies.

“There is only two things that can happen here”, said the snake. “You are either going to die with your babies or you are going to leave to live another day”.

The female scurries away and the snake salivates over the eggs. 

Right before the snake enjoys his feast. The female skink bites the snake and runs off.

That is how the fight ends for today.

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