Blood Drop

The blood in the skies comes down hard tonight as I realized one more day has passed without you.

The miserable moans coming from the bottoms of hell at the deepest abyss, you can sense their misery.

But that does not replicate the feelings, I have when I’m hungry.

A drop of blood has finally fell upon me after years out in the sun. But the sky has not changed color.

How can this makes sense?

When the body cannot feel the soul.

When our eyes are not able to truly comprehend the real wonders of this world.

Sights on top of a mountain are beautiful if you can get on top of one, but a blind man can climb and still see.

You can’t truly understand the beauty unless your soul can open eyes.

You will never truly understand the meaning of love unless you are with the person who makes you cry because there is a chance you will never be together again.

To have a feeling of such empowerment in yourself but none when you are together is a true waste.

Now to have feelings of one greater being with another.Is the only gift that the world can offer but it’s a gift that very few seem to receive.

Blood is the sky and the drop that fell upon me is no great significance but from what I heard, I seem to be the only one who ever felt the drop.



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