Another Loss

Cardinals lost 7-15 to the Baltimore Orioles, sigh .

Positive Side

  • The Cardinals scored 7 runs. Offense has been picking up and I am really hoping that stays.
  • The past 7 days, Carpenter and Fowler are hitting .440 and its actually Fowler leading the duo with RBIS with 12 to Carpenter 6.
  • Carlos Martinez is throwing great, now comes the negative.

Negative Side

  • Rest of the Cardinals’ rotation cannot pitch, not even if the strike zone was the size of a whale. They need to bring in new arms because this season is starting to look like 2011, where we had no official closer AND it was blown save after blown save but we did win the world series that year so maybe this is good.

Bad in the beginning, but great in the end.

And you know doesn’t matter about how you start but how you finish.



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