Going On Vacation

I guess I finally got writers’ block because I have no idea on what I should write or what I should read. So I will be on vacation, for the past two months nothing has came out of brain so Ill be letting it rest till I finally get some brain juice flowing.

Timing jumps

You fell now, your body is splattered on the floor.

You jumped a second too early, now you’re clinging onto the edge with your fingertips;you fell again.

You thought you had it this time and you did. You finally made it now what do you do?

There’s another ledge in front of you. You’re about to start your run then pause to think.

Why am I jumping? There’s just going to be more and more ledges with no end in sight.

You know this ledge has a pretty nice view, you know I’m just going to relax here for a bit.

These ledges aren’t going anywhere. So you stay for who knows how long till you actually decide to jump.

And then you fall, dead on the floor you think to yourself, I been jumping all these years why haven’t I got the timing down.

This time it takes you several more tries than usual for you to get to the next ledge.

With still no end in sight you say, that was my final jump now it’s time to come down.

The people on the ground, say we seen you fall so many times how were you able to keep on jumping to the highest anyone has ever been.

It’s all about the timing.

But you fell like a bazillion times.

You know some people have better timing than others, eventually everyone is going to fall so I’m not worried bout how many times I fall.

Is there any advice you want to give to the people you inspire to reach the top?

Well I been jumping all my life, it just came natural to me. One thing I would say is that you have to love falling as much as you do jumping.


Toxic is what they say I am.

How can they say such thing when I’m here?

I know right. Can’t they see, the progress I have been making.

This time last year I was straight up lying about every single thing I was doing. Now that I am finally living a honest to sober life.

They’re putting up this barricade now at all of times. I felt that for once, I was in control of my impulsiveness and took more than a sip. Then boom, they put me away like some Thanksgiving leftovers.

I want to plead my case but that won’t help with them as the judge.




Echo Echoo Echooo

I hear that.

I hear you.

Okay, so what were you saying?

What you mean? I just told you.

No you didn’t.

Bruh, I’m not repeating myself again.

Come on, I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you. One more time please.


Sigh. I swear it’s like I’m talking to a brick wall.


Clean your ears maybe you could hear me!

A conversation I know all to well.

Cardinals have me excited

With Paul Goldschmidt now on the team, I’ll admit I wasn’t totally on board but after Friday’s game performance. I’ll let him be my captain on the Titanic any day. I saw the game and he is on.

Kolten Wong, oh man let me tell you, this guy is healthy and he looks like a guy who wants to win a silver slugger award. I definitely can see this guy being one of our most consistent hitter this season.

Dexter Fowler is walking and that is great news and the Cardinals been making a lot of fuss about his contact speed is up again so there’s that…

Marcell Ozuna still cannot throw which is bad, a lot of runners are going to start tagging up on him. His legs looking better than ever and I can see at least 10 stolen bases this season. I WANT HIM BATTING THIRD but looks like my prayers will still be unanswered. Overall his performance might determine our season because if he’s not hitting I don’t who going to make up the .280 batting avg.,  25 homers and 100 RBIS.

Paul Dejong, he still needs to learn how to dive-at least he’s working on it though- he shouldn’t be our number 3 hitter, don’t get me wrong; he is a solid hitter all around but nothing that will offer protection for Paul Goldschmidt. Brewers realized that and intentionally walked him in his last at bat.

Our bullpen surprisingly looks strong however the rotation ehhhhh.

Of course this is all after 3 games, a miniscule sample size I know but the Cardinals DEFFINTELY got me excited this year than the past two combined.

Overall my predictions.

  • Miles Mikolas has a good not great season.
  • Kolten Wong hits 15 homers and drives in 70 RBIS becomes an all star this season.
  • Yadier Molina wins a silver slugger award.
  • Paul Goldschmidt wins an MVP and hits at least 40 big-ones.
  • Paul Dejong has a down year this season.
  • Dexter Fowler bounces back but nothing spectacular.
  • The bullpen doesn’t blow more than 20 games this season.


  1. Michael Wacha wins the CY-YOUNG.
  2. Adam Wainwright wins 15 games.






Bad if you hold it in.

Bad if you let it out.

Your body does it.

Everybody does it.

Most deny it.

Some do it in public.

Most in private.

Why do you hide it?

You’re not gonna die from it.

Some stinks.

Mine sometimes don’t.

They come in all different accents.

Everyone agrees that farting is not the way to go.

Mums Fingers

Fingers that used to hold me when I was a baby.

Fingers that I played with and felt mama’s warmth.

Fingers that would hold my hand on my way to preschool.

Fingers that used to sew buttons into my shirts.

Fingers that used to make me all the pancakes in the world.

Fingers that told me everything was going to be fine.

Fingers that was always giving hi-fives.

Fingers that never got to do it all; they never played piano or painted a picture; if they did Beethoven and Picasso would be shaking in their graves.

Mama’s fingers are gone now. Turned into stone by the hands of god.

Why couldn’t it take my hand?

I didn’t want her to twitch for the rest of her life and now she won’t. How stupid of me to have wished that.

Mami, I never believed those fingers would ever stopped being yours.

I wish I was there to feel them one more time before.

Mums, I’m sorry I didn’t get grab your hand sooner so this would have never happened.

Of course there is no what ifs anymore, this is the present now.

I see your fingers and all I see is the past.

I love you mums please be better than okay.

All I care about is making you laugh and keeping you safe.

We’re going to walk around the world and I promise you that.